South Ural State University


Alexander Shestakov,

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

South Ural State University offers a wide range of educational programmes in various fields of education. Among its academic profiles, one can find Humanities (Law, History, Linguistics, Psychology), Medical-Related Sciences (Sports and Health Studies), Economic Sciences (Economics, Management, Marketing, Business Administration, Econometrics), Natural Sciences (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Nano-technology) and Technical Sciences (Engineering, IT, Automobile Construction, Civil Construction, Architecture, etc.). Educational programmes are open for both domestic and international students. The uniqueness of the learning environment in the South Ural State University is that you can get profound professional knowledge in the chosen field and be sure that the skills you gain are the most state-of-the-art and highly-sought for. For those planning to work abroad, the University issues the Diploma Supplement, fulfilled in compliance with the European rules. One of the major and the most important components of the studies is the practical implementation of the skills the students receive, which is realized by means of arranging the internships with the partnering enterprises, among which there are the leading international and local companies like Fortum, Knauf, Emerson and others.

The mission of SUSU is to create and implement the scientific knowledge, to prepare new generation of leaders capable to solve the problems of the sustainable global development. The University aims at most effective ways to pursue its goals by following “smart” decisions. The concept of SMART University relies on the strong points of SUSU corporate culture and presents integrating basis of the university target model.


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